About Us

Welcome To SAR Incorporation - A Professional Chemical Co.

SAR Incorporation is a diversified chemical company, focused on improving Manufacturing Industries day to day working difficulties through meaningful innovation in the areas of chemical & innovative equipment. The company is a leading in Organic Specialty chemical and innovative/effective equipments. We also manufacture customized chemicals & equipments according to customer requirement.

SAR Inc. endeavours to protect the environment thus we are supporter of clean BHARAT mission. We are regularly researching to develop effective organic chemical to give positive contribution towards this Nobel mission. SAR Inc. is proud to support a culture in which employees are respected and empowered as the company's most valued assets. SAR Inc.'s investment in R&D allows the company to capitalize on opportunities that many others strive to reach – as a chemical manufacturer/Trader/Supplier, as a equipment manufacturer & as a world class service provider.


Company: To provide our customers with the most professional, efficient and reliable solar products. To offer only Super specialty top quality materials and name brands that command public trust. To follow superior ethical policies in business practice by keeping customers apprised of the costs and options associated with their service requests. Our customers will authorize all aspects of the project before it has begun. To operate our business in a polite professional and courteous manner with attention to detail and protection of clients property.


A vision to make chemical business as the most sophisticated, scientific and competitive business, SAR Inc. is thriving to excel. To become a global leader in chemical manufacturing and supply. For us, being the leader does not mean being only the largest but being the best in terms of customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth. SAR Inc. is determined to serve any latest need of the industry. With matchless quality of products, committed delivery schedule, prompt services and customer friendly attitude, SAR Inc. has achieved the exponential growth in short span of time.


We understand the significance of service along with the quality of product. we always take care about the proper requirement of our users, we always spend some initial time to understand the actual requirement of valuable customer, so that we can fulfilled their requirement with 100% of satisfaction. We assure that customer have a prompt answer for inquiry and valuable suggestions.

A team of qualified and experienced TECHNICIAN is always on its toes to provide any technical services to the customers round the clock. This ensures the utmost satisfaction of each customer, therefore an unbeaten faith of their in SAR Inc.


The Group also offers and executes best-in-class Product and Services across BHARAT. solutions and new lighting applications, as well as male shaving and grooming and oral healthcare.


The Manufacturing facility of the company is equipped with water treatment and purification systems, reactor vessels, heating furnace, electrolysis facility and blending tanks. There are three manufacturing locations.


The production capacity of the company is different for different products. The average capacity of facility all together is 70 tons per month.


Pursuing highest standards and passing through stringent stage wise quality checks; We maintain high quality standards.

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • A high quality and uniform product.
  • Reliable service.
  • Well defined quality system.
  • Meeting technical requirement and delivery schedule of customer.
  • Continuous updating the manufacturing, inspection and testing capabilities.
  • Latest laboratory facilities