Insulator Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer

Insulator Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer

Sar Incorporation are one of the most reliable companies in this domain and are into offering Insulator Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer. Insulator located near or inside rock quarries, construction sites, and cement plants may accumulate deposits of lime or cement. These kinds of materials can produce hard, crusty, thick layers on the surface of the insulator. When such accumulations are slightly wetted, & leakage currents flowing on the surface of insulator could be trapped along with the contaminant or insulator interface and hence high temperatures may erode or degrade the surface of weather-shed.

Environmental pollutants from a large variety of industrial chemical processes and varied other factors are accumulated on the surface of the insulator. The property of those cleaning agents varies extensively and they may / may not be soluble in water. Hence cleaning by soft organic is needed. Our company formulated Insulator Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer which is developed in such a way that it makes lose the cement dust quickly and eliminates the insulator surface without losing coating.

Debris & dust collection on the Insulator takes nitrogen from surrounding areas and from nitric acid which is responsible for rust/corrosion. It could attack the jacketing, the underlying equipment or piping or the insulation hardware. This depends on other factors, galvanic, & chloride, acidic rust may take place. Hence neutralization with this chemical is required after cleaning the dust of cement with Insulator Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • It is the strongest industrial cleaning chemical/solution.
  • This kind of solution wouldn't affect your skin.
  • 100% Odourless, colorless, water-soluble, and Transparent liquid.
  • Non-hazardous, Non-Toxic, and Eco-friendly chemicals.