Solar Power Plant And Maintenance Services

How Solar System Works

Solar Power is energy generated from the sun. In just one hour the sun generates enough energy to power the world for an entire year.

The sun’s rays are captured by solar cells and converted into electricity. This is known as the photo-electric effect. Solar power is an abundant renewable energy source with the potential to supply the world’s energy needs.

Solar modules produce most electricity when they are pointed directly at the sun, so it is important to install them so that they receive maximum sunlight. Ideally they should be in full sun at least from 9am to 3pm. In Australia, solar modules should face north for optimum electricity production.

For grid-connected systems the angle should equal the latitude to maximize the amount of energy produced annually.

Latitude adjustments for grid connected systems in most climates fit within an acceptable roof pitch range (eg: for Sydney’s latitude this is 22 degrees, a common roof pitch).

Solar System Components

Solar Modules –Solar Modules are installed on the roof or grounds of your property. They capture the sun’s energy and convert it into DC electricity.

Grid Tie Inverter –The DC electricity is carried from the solar modules to the inverter, which converts the electricity to AC power. This is identical to the electricity you buy from the utility grid.

Mounting &Framing Brackets –Used to fix the solar modules securely on the rooftop and come in tin or tile version.

Cabling & Wiring –Used to connect the solar modules to the inverter and the meter board.

Solar Meter –A new solar meter is installed in your meter board to monitor the amount of power your solar power system generates. Under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ALL the electricity your solar power system generates will be sent back to the electricity grid and you may be paid a Feed In Tariff – FIT ( if your power company offers one ) – These FIT rates are negotiable to and from the various power companies / suppliers – Your energy retailer will credit you for this amount.